"My husband and I took two very helpful classes with Judy, Childbirth Education and Newborn Care Class. Childbirth Education was straightforward and honest; it prepared me and my husband for the big event. When we were in the hospital having our baby we knew what to expect which felt incredibly reassuring. In Newborn Care Class we learned all the basics that would make us feel like we could bring this bundle home and know what to do! Newborn Care Class was also fun because all of us were just about to have our little ones and we could joke and learn about what was just around the corner. I then took Over The Moon with Judy when he was just 3 weeks old. At first I was very hesitant to sign up because I didn’t know how I would feel after having Leo and about having a weekly commitment…wow was I glad that my husband convinced me to go. I cannot express how valuable the time and conversation with the other new moms. Each week I looked forward to Over the Moon and seeing and hearing what all the other mothers and babies were going through. Judy was extremely helpful and caring towards each one of us. I would actually come some weeks with a list of questions, the next week I would come and just listen. I highly recommend Over The Moon and wouldn’t trade those special moments with the group and our new babies for anything."

~Liz, Joe and Leo Lamberti

"We are so happy that we took the Childbirth Education Class. As a first time mom, the class helped me understand all that my body and the baby would be doing during the birthing process...and also what I can do to help the process along. In addition to breathing and pain management techniques, we learned about the various medical procedures and recent research that, hopefully, will help us make informed decisions during the delivery. The class also helped us identify our birth preferences (instead of birth plan because things may not work out as planned) that we discussed with our doctor. Margaret is a wonderful instructor who is clearly passionate about helping guide couples through an anxious but exciting time in their lives. Thanks Margaret!"

 ~Rakhi and Thierry

"Maria is wonderful; words cannot justly describe my gratitude. I am 35 and had trouble getting – and staying – pregnant. After many rounds of infertility treatments and three miscarriages, my husband and I were happily expecting our first child. I wanted to be a mom more than anything, yet my anxiety about labor and delivery multiplied as the big day approached. Maria set my mind (and nerves) at ease after the very first class. I left class feeling like ‘I can do this!’. She discussed a large variety of bio/physical/emotional changes and expectations for expectant moms and dads. Each participant had the ability to pick and choose which approach worked best for her/him. Maria also shared her personal experiences and even a little folklore. When my son decided it was time to enter this world, all of the practice and training learned in Maria’s class paid off. My husband and I knew what to expect and went into ‘auto-pilot’ mode. We felt prepared and empowered. There is always fear of the unknown, but Maria helped us successfully navigate the birthing process. As a graduate from Maria’s class, it is absolutely evident that Maria loves educating expectant parents. Her passion for life, pregnancy, labor, delivery, babies, post-partum moms, new family life – and more - infiltrates her classes. She is non-judgmental and extremely knowledgeable, honest, caring, considerate and inspirational. I feel enormously lucky and blessed to have had Maria as my birthing instructor."

~ Lindsay, Mike, & Drew 

"I cannot give enough thanks and praise to both Judy Roy and Margaret Breen for all the support they provided me with both during my pregnancy and after my son's birth. I took a class on breastfeeding, childbirth, and two developmental (mom and baby) groups. Margaret prepared me with all the possible knowledge and expectations in preparation for breastfeeding. Having a basic understanding of breastfeeding and knowing that the trials and tribulations that go along with breastfeeding are common and expected, made it that much easier for me when my son arrived and he didn't latch as easily as I had planned. I also attended a developmental class with Margaret, when my baby was 3-5 months. Not only was the class fun and enriching to my son's developing skills and awareness; Margaret provided us with great tips, support and strategies in dealing with some of the newer challenges we were facing; teething, transitioning to solids and sippy cups, sleep training, and how to engage our supported sitters. I enrolled my husband and I in childbirth class and our instructor was Judy. She was incredible! My husband and I left feeling more than prepared for the arrival of our son. We were taught what questions to ask our doctors, what to do on delivery day, all about different methods of birthing. My husband learned great coaching strategies and ways he could participate and assist me on the day. It gave him a sense of pride and ownership in the pregnancy and delivery. This class really helped open my eyes to the unknown of childbirth, both during and after, and brought my anxiety about the experience down significantly. My all time favorite class that I took with these ladies was the first developmental class after my son was born. We started when he was 5 weeks old, and joining that class was the best decision I ever made. This class not only got me out of the house, but it introduced me to a wide variety of awesome moms just like myself. The babies are all in the same age bracket and all the moms are experiencing and going through the same changes. Judy Roy was my instructor and she led discussions and made the floor so open to speak without judgment. She encouraged mom to mom suggestions and support and till this day, my son is nine months old, I'm still friends with the majority of my class. Like I said in the beginning of this testimonial, I cannot give enough good feedback. These women are amazing and the programs they offer are even better! I highly recommend you taking any of these classes if you're a new mom! It takes a village!" ~ Katie, Sean, & Cavan Clifford

"I took two prenatal classes with Judy Roy and she was an incredible source of information for my husband and I. She taught my childbirth class as well as baby basics. I thought I knew a lot about babies but quickly realized that I had no idea how to care for a newborn. Her information and advice in both classes was so helpful to my husband and I. We never really had a "plan" but were prepared for the stages of labor and what we could expect while we were in the hospital and our first few weeks at home. Margaret Breen led our breastfeeding class and gave us a great base of information as we began our journey into breastfeeding. Her tips for partners was particularly helpful for my husband and his knowledge and support was critical in those first few weeks and months. I had heard about Margaret's new mom and baby class from a friend who had taken her class with Margaret in November 2012 and said it was the absolute best thing I could do for my baby and I. When it came time to sign up, I was able to sign up for Margaret's session and was so excited! Knowing I was going to be taking this class gave me a sense of confidence before I had my baby and, as soon as he had arrived, I couldn't wait to begin class. The first day I was nervous but Margaret has such a calming, welcoming presence that I immediately felt at ease. Each week, we learned invaluable information about our baby's development and gave each other advice and support as we navigated early motherhood. The eight weeks of class flew by and the group of moms and babies that I met have become a little family. We are still in touch on a regular basis and get together as often as possible. I encourage every new mom to take this class - it will be the absolute best thing you do for you and your baby!" ~ Jackie, Matt, and Thomas Hourin

"I was very lucky to take breastfeeding, newborn basics and new mom classes with Margaret and a childbirth class with Cheryl. I feel that these women prepared me to be a better mother to my son: a gift for which I am eternally grateful. Margaret helped prepare me to love and care for my child with step-by-step instructions on feeding and cleaning babies, easy-to-remember tips to soothe crying babies, and shared with me how best to emotionally prepare for motherhood. Her breastfeeding support also started me off on the right foot, and I am still successfully nursing my 7.5 month-old child. Cheryl took all the fear and unknown out of birth, and instead made me feel educated and prepared when labor began. Her tips helped me and my husband get through a 3-day-labor ending in an emergency c-section without any emotional distress - which I feel is huge testament to Cheryl. The best thing, by far, is the new mothers class. There were moments in the first few weeks where I would say to myself, "It is okay, you just have to get to class and everything will be better." And it was. Margaret, along with your classmates, will share how to connect with your baby in ways you hadn't thought of, and you'll get a trusted network of friends with whom you can ask advice, cry, complain, share wonderful stories, and get ideas. This is invaluable and my group still meets weekly.....and our babies are 8 months old. If you do nothing else, take this class for you and your baby. My family has richly benefited from meeting these women and I highly recommend new mothers share in this opportunity." 

~ Brindey, Josh, Beau and Dash Marine