Parent and Child Classes

Child Development & Parenting Classes

$ 175 and $200, 7 and 8-week series, One hour classes
Our child development series offers weekly, 1-hour developmental play and parenting classes for caregivers and their curious little ones. Each class offers:

  • The perfect balance of structured play and free exploration in a clean and safe environment
  • Expert parenting advice for caregivers from highly qualified and experienced early childhood professionals
  • Circle time rich with music, props, parachute play and games that foster language development and encourage social interactions
  • Simple and useful sign language used by instructor throughout the class
  • Engaging developmental play activity(ies) that focuses on a specific area of development, such as water play, finger paint, open-ended craft, and tubes & tunnels
  • Developmental rationale for each activity and the opportunity to discuss milestones and parenting topics such as sleeping, routines, feeding, relationships, behavior and more
  • Consistent, comforting class routines-- children learn what to expect and feel safe to play and explore
  • Story time , bubbles, and goodbye song.

​Sensory Art Classes 

$ 168 and $192, 7 and 8-weeks series, 45-minute classes

Get messy at Over the Moon and keep your home clean! In our sensory-based art classes, babies, toddlers and caregivers will pop, squish, paint, feel, smell, sculpt, and more to explore the world around them. With activities to explore all five senses, our curriculum is designed to nurture your little one's creative thinking, problem solving skills, and encourage self confidence while developing investigative and fine motor skills. 

Music & Movement Classes

$ 168 and $192, 7 and 8-week series, 45-minute classes

Research has consistently shown that learning music and practicing art spills into improving other facilities in children’s lives. In essence, experiencing music taps into all categories of development for kids. All humans benefit from music in the area of memory but young children can use it as a tool to become more adept at improving language, honing motor skills, and self-expression. Listening to and playing music helps the body communicate more efficiently and can bring a huge boost to fluid intelligence.

Language and Literacy Classes

$219, 7-week series, one hour and 15 minutes class (without parent)

This toddler drop-and-go class, taught by a certified early childhood educator and a music, movement and art instructor, is designed to foster a love of books by bringing together music, art, reading and play. Each session focuses on two children's storybooks, which each child will be gifted to take home and enjoy! Children will have fun with peers while they actively listen to a story and engage in developmental play activities that relate to the book’s theme. Thoughtfully planned sensory art projects, group games, and movement & music time will strengthen early literacy, language, motor, and social skills.

Toddler Play School

$54/day, Offered Monday-Friday, 9:15 am-12:15 pm

Drop-Off Toddler Playschool is our enrichment program for your 2 or 3 year old. Once a week, your child can explore art, music, movement and their minds! Developed by experienced and certified child development experts and led by experienced playcare instructors, this is a great way for your little ones to experience a morning on their own, while building confidence and independence. Potty training is not a restriction for play school. 

New Mom and Baby Groups

$219, 7-week series, one hour and 15 minutes class

Join one of our three New Mom and Baby Groups after your baby is born! Come and feel supported during those first weeks and months with your new baby. Learn about newborn development and ways to soothe and comfort your baby from an experienced early parenting instructor.  Learn from other mothers who are going through the same joys and challenges as you, and make new friends.