Newborn Care Class

$ 59.00

Come to our Newborn Care Class and learn from a

newborn care expert what to expect during your first

days and weeks at home with your New Arrival! 

Since babies do not come with instructions, let us

help you prepare to know what to expect and to be

ready.  We want you to enjoy this special time with

your new baby and to feel confident!

This Newborn Care Class includes expert instruction, PowerPoint

learning, discussion, Instructor demonstration and fun hands-on practice!

  • Includes 2 of your baby's caregivers

  • Attend a class in your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy

  • One 2.5 hour class

  • Learn about normal newborn behavior and appearance

  • Review feeding guidelines

  • Practice hands-on care using a baby mannequin

  • Practice how to swaddle your baby

  • Learn settling and soothing techniques for your newborn

  • Learn about skin-to-skin

  • Practice holding, burping, & changing a diaper

  • Learn and practice infant massage techniques that can help soothe a gassy baby

  • Practice bathing a newborn

  • Review the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines for safe infant sleep and infant car seat safety

Here are some of the common questions that new parents ask that will be addressed in this class: 

  • How will I comfort my baby? 

  • How much do I feed my baby?  

  • How often do we change the baby's diaper?  

  • How do we find a pediatrician and when do we call?  

  • ...and many more!