Follow up two weeks later..... 

"We are in love! It was a BEAUTIFUL NATURAL CHILDBIRTH!!! THANK YOU!!!  
Here is a picture of our girls. Baby Claire with her big sister, Sarah!" ​   ~ Susan Doherty

"The New Arrival Educators Natural Childbirth Class was a great way to learn/review the birth process, but with the natural aspect added in. I learned many techniques to help with pain relief and relaxation, including breathing and laboring positions.  My instructor, Maria, spoke of and recommended books by midwives who promote natural childbirth.  She emphasized the importance of gravity, which can sometimes be forgotten during the birth process.  Maria was great at including the dads/support person during class and their role during labor and delivery. Overall, I left class feeling educated and excited about laboring naturally again. I feel prepared for a wonderful birthing experience!"

                                                                                  ~Susan Doherty

Natural Childbirth Class  ​

Private Class. Scheduled at a time convenient for you and your partner's busy

schedule. Call to make arrangements, (844) 207-0918.

This private class is for any woman hoping for a natural childbirth or interested in minimizing the need for medical interventions in her labor and birth.  You and support person will learn and practice a variety of comfort and relaxation techniques.

This class is offered either as a:

  •  3 hour class                                                                                                                                            This one time, 3 hour class is a wonderful option for those who prefer a more individualized education experience or have already completed their childbirth education and still desires a more extensive, individualized, natural preparation. 

  • 6 hour class (divided into two sessions: 3 hours each)                                                                                       

         This two session, 6 hour class is offered for 3 hours on two consecutive weeks and                                         allows each couple more time to review the information taught in class and to practice the new techniques at home, with the opportunity to return the following week to have all their questions answered.


Natural Childbirth Education Class is taught by a Certified Childbirth Educator. Instruction methods used include a PowerPoint presentation, one on one discussions, demonstration and practice of various relaxation and comfort techniques, and labor positions, increased time for study and practice.

  • Includes the birth mother and her support person

  • Review the stages and phases of labor, birth and postpartum

  • Learn when to go to the hospital and what to bring with you

  • Learn many different comfort techniques and other coping strategies

  • Have more time to practice breathing, relaxation and position changes

  • As a support person, learn how to best support the birth mother in each phase of labor, birth and postpartum

  • Review medical options including pain medicine, to know your options 

  • Review anesthesia options, to know your options

  • Discuss and prepare for the possibility of a cesarean birth

  • Discuss what to expect in your first hours with your baby

  • One textbook provided per couple

  • Recommended for expectant parents in their 7th or 8th month of pregnancy​