​​​Breastfeeding Class


Register for a Breastfeeding Class and start preparing today to

successfully feed your baby. Breastfeeding is a natural and

wonderful way to feed your baby! It provides many benefits

for both baby and mother, but it can be challenging to figure

out those first days and weeks. It is very important that a new

breastfeeding mother is prepared and feels cared for and

supported!  Partners play a vital role during this transitional

time as mom and baby are learning how to breastfeed. 

Partners therefore are encouraged to attend Breastfeeding

Class with the mother.  Come learn the basics for early 

breastfeeding success! 


This Breastfeeding Class includes expert instruction, discussion, a PowerPoint presentation, Instructor demonstration and hands-on practice of breastfeeding holds.

  • Includes the birth mother and her support person

  • Attend class in the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy

  • One 2.5 hour class

  • Learn realistic expectations for the first weeks of breastfeeding

  • Instruction of current breastfeeding guidelines:

  • Learn how often and how long a newborn breastfeeds

  • Learn when to change the baby's diaper

  • Practice various breastfeeding holds with the use of a baby mannequin

  • Practice burping the baby

  • Learn about "Demand and Supply"

  • Discuss the benefits of "skin-to-skin"

  • Review benefits of "Rooming-In"

  • Learn what baby feeding cues to look for

  • Learn ways to support the new mom to ensure her own healing and success in breastfeeding the baby

Here are some common breastfeeding questions mothers, fathers and baby caregivers have that will be addressed in this class:

  • How should I hold my baby to breastfeed? Is there more than one way?

  • What if I have a cesarean birth, will I be able hold my baby to breastfeed?  

  • How often do I feed my baby? How do we know our baby is getting enough breastmilk? 

  • What does proper "latch-on" mean and why is it so important? 

  • What can I do as a partner to help breastfeeding be successful for both mom and baby?  

  • Who can we call for help after we go home?