Special instructions for our New Mom and Baby Group participants

~ Running behind?  Don’t worry, we are saving a spot for you & your baby!

~ Baby is hungry? Breastfeeding is certainly welcomed!

~ A Boppy pillow is provided for each mom and baby.

~ ABC's = All Babies Cry! (sometimes moms too…no worries)                                  

~ Exercise balls are available to bounce with your baby! 

~ Make sure to bring plenty of fluids for yourself!

~ Dress comfortably.

~ Most moms bring their baby in their infant car seat.

~ Each mom and baby will have their own designated space in the group circle with a mat and Boppy pillow, which also serves as a nice place to put your baby down. (Bring your own baby blanket to throw over the Boppy and mat). 

~ Bottle warmer is available.

~ Groups sometimes go out for coffee/tea/lunch after group. No pressure, if you are not feeling up to it yet! You will have 7 weeks together.

We look forward to meeting you and your baby soon! If you have any specific classroom arrangements that you’d like the instructor to be aware of ahead of time, please feel free to email Margaret@newarrivaleducators.com