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"In-Home" Lactation Consultations by IBCLC available throughout greater Boston!

*Most Insurances companies offer reimbursement for lactation consultations.


Newborn Care Class

  • Learn about newborn care.
  • Practice holding, burping, soothing, diaper changing & bathing! 

Postpartum "Pump Chat" Class

  • Learn tips and short cuts to make breast pumping easier and successful
  • Be ready to return to work and continue to feed your baby your breastmilk

 New Arrival Educators' 

... the perfect gift

for the anyone

preparing for or caring for 

a new baby in their life! 


Childbirth Education Class 

  • Prepare for your labor and baby's birth.
  • Learn about the stages of labor
  • Practice comfort, breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Know your medical options                                                                

Natural Childbirth Class 

  • An extended childbirth class for those interested in a natural childbirth experience or one with limited medical interventions.
  • 8 hour class, divided into two sessions, with home study and practice


New Mom and Baby Groups

  • Meet other new moms and babies.
  • Make new friends!
  • Feel supported & understood 
  • 7 week series
  • Over The Moon Group -- (mom and baby 2-12 weeks old at the start of group)
  • Baby and Me Group -- (mom and baby 3-5 months old at the start of group)
  • Second Time Mom and Baby Group -- (mom and baby 2 weeks to 5 months old
                                                             at the start of group)

Breastfeeding Class
  • Learn recommended guidelines for breastfeeding
  • Practice different breastfeeding holds.



New Arrival Educators Specialty Topic

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*45 minutes

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Insurance Reimbursement &

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

money may be used to pay for prenatal classes &

Lactation Consultations. 

Infant CPR and Safety Class

  • Learn what to do in case of an emergency and ways to keep your baby safe.              

Preparing together for your new life