Preparing together for your new life

New Arrival Educators, LLC

Childbirth Education Classes:

Prepare for your labor and birth.

  • Learn about the stages of labor
  • Practice comfort, breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Know your medical options.

Breastfeeding Class:

Learn recommended guidelines for breastfeeding

  • Practice different breastfeeding holds.


Join a Mom and Baby Group:

  • Meet other new moms and babies.
  • Make new friends!
  • Feel supported & understood 

Infant CPR and Safety Class:

Learn what to do in case of an emergency and ways to keep your baby safe.              

Newborn Care Class:

Learn about newborn care.

  • Practice holding, burping, soothing, diaper changing & bathing! 

New Arrival Educators'


... the perfect gift

to add to your baby

gift registry!

Feel more confident and prepared for birth and your "New Arrival" by attending our prenatal classes and

mom & baby groups!


Insurance Reimbursement


Flexible Spending Account (FSA) money may be used to pay for prenatal classes.